The 2020 Pinto Stampede

This year we will run from San Francisco - Los Angeles Ca.

We will run down one of the most beautiful winding roads, Highway 1, to Los Angeles as we wind down the California Coastline we will visit the Concourse DeLemons. 

More will be posted on events as they are added. 

For more information call Norm Bagi directly at 646-408-7526 or email at:

About Us


What is a Stampede?

A Stampede is a car drive like no other! 

Most of us drive long distances just to get to the start, then we drive long distances together and afterward we drive home.  Thousands of miles in many cases.  This is not a drive for a trailer queen, better leave her parked as we don't bring tow trucks for your beloved ornament.


Why do we drive?

For many reasons, Because we love Pintos and the way they roll down the road. Because we are a fun group of people, we enjoy making new friends and spending time together with old family. We enjoy seeing the sites while driving the scenic roads of America.

And mostly we make a difference, over the years we have raised over $65,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project and now we have set our sites on helping kids grow up to be better people by raising money for the 4H club. With all the violence kids have been creating these days, we figured backing an organization that can teach direction, skills and focus as well as responsibility and kindness to your fellow man is needed more today than ever.  The Pinto Stampede is proud to help the 4H club deliver that promise.


Some of the places we have visited

Kansas Motor Speedway, Martinsville Speedway, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Memphis International Raceway, Gateway Motorsports park, South Boston Speedway, Summit Point Motorsports park, Wood Bros., Roush,  The Blue Ridge Parkway, Flight 93 Memorial, Ford nationals at Carlisle, Ford PDC Car Show, The Henry Ford, Mob Steel, Greenfield Village, United States Air Force Museum, National Firearms Museum, Udvar-Hazy Museum, John Deere Museum, National Corvette Museum, Antique Archeology, and of course HELL. 

Contact Us

For more information, email us or call us at:

(646) 408-7537